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Turner’s Syndrome says:    


Turner’s Syndrome or gonadal dysgenesis is a condition that affects females in which one of the sex chromosomes (X chromosome) is completely missing or has abnormalities. https://syndromespedia.com/turners-syndrome-pictures-symptoms-treatment-life-expectancy-causes.html

kelsey says:    


the picture of the thumbs aren't turner syndrome they're clubbed thumbs. I have them and i don't have turners

paula says:    


I never found out I had turners syndrome till I was 16 my mum took me to the doctors when I didn't start my periods I was sent for test then I found out the only problem that I had was I couldn't have children I lno 41 live a happy life with no problems I have just had a baby by egg donation im so happy jand I have no other problems so you can live a normal happy life

valerie says:    


let me strt by sayin my daughter is 8 months old n has turner syndrome but to look at her u could not tell tht she has any issues so no not all these babies hav deformations and they need to b treated like people not things for those of u that think about abortion may god change your mind they r all put here for a reason and it jus makes me appreciate my children an their life s that much more

Teresa Pace says:    


I am 53 and have Turners It is ulikley that we would ever have children.I don't have a lot of physical symptoms except being short. I adopted a son in 1988 and am a very proud Nanna of 2. I live a very normal and happy life with a wonderful husband and family.

milad says:    


usa danger. usa dag.usa gonad

ali says:    


its very good . im irani

brenda heidemann says:    


My daughter was born in 1986 we had no idea she had turners. Being a mother i knew something was wrong i took her to doctors and they kept tellin me there was nothing wrong with her. This went on for twelve years. And then we took her to other doctors and then we knew after all those years she had turners shes 27 now and has a job but she still stays very sick. I would love to have more information on turners

murari rajput says:    


this information is good

Starleina says:    


Holle I'm 23 years old and I have Noonan and Turner Syndrome my parents found out when I was a baby and know one has really told me what it is and I'm looking for answers to help me understand what this is me and my husband are trying to have a baby but I'm not sure we can. Can anyone tell me that we will be able to have kids I just would like to know if u can me an answer I would galdly apparit very much

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